Lifeforce Harmonious Healing for People and Pets
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Lifeforce Healing ~ Lifeforce Harmonious Healing for People and Pets ~ Constantina Vaseliades ~ Quantum Touch, Reiki, Tong Ren, Animal Communication


Qigong is a 5,000 year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force and improving health. Its recent surge in popularity has been a result of Qigong's fun and dynamic movements of practice. Magnetic energy fields are formed and created in a slow graceful manner. The Qi (life force) literally throbs and pulsates in your hands. Some say it's the most tangible experience of the spiritual life force energy. It yields a strong Qi feeling in minutes. Practicing Qigong will also enhance any other form of energy work. Qigong, unlike traditional exercise, boosts muscle and strength yet amazingly lowers cortisol. It enhances rather than depletes energy, is noted as a superior

form of exercise, and Qigong's healing power is well documented. From a scientific perspective, Qigong does what no other form of exercise can do. While remaining in a calm focused and relaxed state, the body is exercising. This allows blood and Qi to move through blockages that normally cannot be crossed. Qigong is based on the fundamental science of life. Regardless of a persons beliefs or cultural background, Qigong yields the same result: enhanced vitality and a clearer relationship with the True Source of that energy. There is a miraculous universe of Qi within each and every human being. Qigong is the practice of becoming more intimately aware of the miraculous energy that sustains all of our lives.

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The benefits are endless.

Qigong Level 1
The Metabolism (Qi) is accelerated and you will feel the warm energy and blood pulsate through your arms & legs with increasing vigor each day. Over 40,000 people have studied this particular Qigong Routine in LIVE seminars and many seasoned experts have said it is the most powerful energy-medicine they've ever learned.

Qigong Level 2

Qigong Level 3

9 Breath Empowerment Method

9 Breath Empowerment Method DVD