Qigong is a 5,000-year-old energy healing art form that strengthens the flow of life force and improves health. Its recent surge in popularity has been a result of Qigong’s fun and dynamic movements of practice. Qigong, unlike traditional exercise, boosts muscle and strength yet amazingly, lowers cortisol and will enhance all other forms of energy therapy.

From a scientific perspective, Qigong’s healing power is well documented and does what no other form of exercise can do. While remaining in a calm focused and relaxed state, the body is exercising, which allows blood and Qi to move through blockages, opening meridians and clearing pathways to healthier circulation. Regardless of a person’s beliefs or cultural background, Qigong yields the same result: enhanced vitality and a clearer relationship with the True Source of that energy. There is a miraculous universe of Qi within each and every human being. Qigong is the practice of becoming more intimately aware of the miraculous energy that sustains all of our lives.

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Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications

Using simple breathing techniques, free-standing and wuji movement, Qigong, (pronounced cheegung) although seemingly gentle, is a powerful healing art form. As magnetic energy fields are created and formed in a slow graceful manner, Supreme Science QiGong yields a strong “Qi Feeling” in minutes, is felt in the hands and body, and has been noted to be one of the most tangible experiences of spiritual life force energy. Imagine the same blood circulation one gets from jogging while standing still and completely relaxed. Focusing on breath, meditation and movement techniques to increase life force energy, a personal or group qigong practice purifies the blood, builds strength and circulates grand life force qi throughout the body and beyond.



Qigong Health Benefits

Anti-Aging – qigong practice produces profound anti-aging effects, with people often looking decades younger than their actual age
Digestion – qigong warms the stomach, stimulates metabolism and assimilation of nutrients, produces bigger bowel movements and detoxification
Circulation – qigong warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation to the endocrines system of vital organs and increases jing energy,increases sex drive, higher levels of secretion of growth hormone and extraordinary muscular endurance
Immune system – qigong supports immune health by reducing cortisol, the catabolic hormone and an inhibitor of cytokine
Bone and Muscle – qigong develops dexterity, reflexes and weight bearing qigong prevents osteoporosis in clinical studies
Relaxation and Rejuvenation – qigong calms the body, mind, and spirit to a peaceful state, thereby enhancing mental acuity, focus, and concentration
Spirituality – qigong Improves results of personal and hands-on healing and provides a deep spiritual feeling and connection to the God of your understanding.

Qigong Healing Forms

Level -1 Qigong Healing Form

Free Standing movement with round postures and slow Qigong breathing to gather Qi within and around you, staying rooted and creating a powerful affectic energy field.

  1. Empty Force
  2. Cloud Hands
  3. Earth Hands
  4. Around the World
  5. Push Hands
  6. Taoist Stretching
  7. Qigong Walking


Level -2 Qigong Healing Form

Using the foundations of Level -1 Qigong healing form, Level -2 is more mentally and physically demanding, leading Qi with the mind, push hands style techniques and understanding how breathing mechanics affect the flow of Qi.

  1. Full Body Cleansing
  2. Drawing the Bow
  3. Full Body Spiraling
  4. Nine-Breath Method (Types A & B)


Level -3 Qigong Healing Form

Wuji (meaning formless) Wuji Style Qigong is gentle stepping while staying Rooted. Using 7 Wuji style movements while qi breathing and moving gracefully through the energy plasma in the air, we are creating the forms as we move, and greatly elevating our connection and understanding of Qi.

  1. Subtle Movements
  2. Ball Making Movements
  3. Projection Style Movements
  4. Push Hands Style Movements
  5. Locomotive Style Movements
  6. Cleansing Style Movements
  7. Swimming Style Movements
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Advanced Fitness & Breathing Applications

Qigong Strength Training
Alternating between Ying and Yang, fast movement and slow resting movement we breath into the lower abdomen, helping the body to train harder and recover faster.

Before Strength Training it is important to remember the slower Qigong routines, practice “Shake It”, Loose Fist Pounding and Stretching before beginning these exercises.

Nine-Breath Method
A Practice whereby conscious breathing supports us to perform and experience heightened states of alertness and connection to universal energy.

9 – Breath Method
9 – Breath Hands on Healing
9 – Breath Healing Circle

A clear understanding is required in order to increase the Qi and blood flow enough to receive the benefits described above.

Supreme Science QiGong online DVD’s show the “edges of the energy field” which allows for higher comprehension and an effective QiGong practice.

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