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Julian Garcia (Shaman)
Cali, Columbia

I sat in meditation, breathing deeply, attentive to Constantina’s message on the phone. We were thousands of kilometers apart and didn’t even speak the same language, yet I could feel her support and presence in my room. At the time, I was at a critical point in my life. I was imprisoned with turbulent emotions, restless with mental whirlwinds, unable to quiet down and identify my true nature. What could I do to heal? This was my question, my search. While my friend Tatiana translated Constantina’s words I felt a regeneration of a confidence I had lost. I felt my chakras come into balance, activating my physical, mental and spiritual body. I’ll never forget the image of a lotus flower in my heart that night. Healers like Constantina are like the light of the stars in a dark night; each ray is filled with infinite compassion, causing our consciousness to tune in to the only real vibration, that of love.

Tatiana de la Tierra
Writer, World Traveler
Long Beach, California

When I met Constantina in 2003, I was walking around with my candle about to go out. I was in recovery from a pulmonary embolism and I was fed up with seeing doctors and taking pills. Initially, I was drawn to Constantina because she was highly recommended as a Reiki master. But after working with Constantina for the past eight years, I can attest that there’s much more to her than all the trainings she has under her belt and the modalities that she specializes in such as Quantum Touch, Tong Ren, and Reiki or her advanced knowledge in super foods and supplementation. I have seen a zillion healers in my time, due to serious health issues related to lupus, kidney complications, and diabetes. While I have wonderful things to say about many of the healers I’ve worked with, Constantina stands out among them all.

On the physical plane, I have been able to maintain a very high frequency and live full-throttle despite serious health challenges. Constantina’s energy work has assisted me with pain relief, strengthened my immune system, decreased inflammation, and helped me deal with self-induced detoxification symptoms. Through her guidance in supplements and superfoods, I’ve reversed diabetes, decreased allergic reactions, and gotten my intestinal system in working order. Her healing work is not random. It is precise, and she can focus on any person’s specific needs by directing activating energy to particular meridians, organs, and areas of the body.

One Friday night, I was in extreme pain from inflammation of the lining of my lungs. The pain was overpowering and there was no way I could sleep or wait to see my primary doctor the next day. My plan was to go to the hospital to get an intravenous shot of cortisone. I didn’t want to call an ambulance…I wanted to drive myself over since I live just 5 minutes away… But I was in too much pain to deal with getting myself there in the midst of winter. So I called Constantina and she did quantum touch on me, to get the pain to go down. In 20 minutes, the pain went from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3. I got myself ready, got in my car, and drove myself to the ER. As I was parking my car, I laughed at how ridiculous it was to find myself at the hospital, when I was already out of pain, thanks to Constantina!

Constantina has also guided me in the care of my cats for the past several years. She taught me how to introduce a new cat into my household, where I already had a cat. She’s very knowledgeable about cat nutrition and has advised me on natural remedies when things come up. At times when there have been “disturbances” at home, she’s communicated with them so that I can understand what is going on. Once, when I was traveling and away from home for a month, my cat sitter told me that the cats seemed very anxious. I had Constantina communicate with my cats, to let them know that I would be returning soon. When something goes wrong with my cats, I call Constantina first. I have saved a ton of money at the Vet by using food and natural remedies that she recommends.

Constantina’s expertise goes beyond the physical. She is highly intuitive and seems to be divinely guided in her sessions. The result is an artistic blend of healing modalities that bring the entire person into balance.

Amelia Island, FL

I was in tremendous grief as my beloved cat Sophia was paralyzed for reasons unknown to us or our vet. After a week her prognosis was grim, as paralyzed cats usually do not recover. I knew Quantum Touch was such a wonderful healing modality. I found Constantina on the QT website and the next day we spoke fora long time and then that evening she gave Sophia her 1st treatment session and we started Sophia on the BioPreperation supplement thatConstantina had suggested. WOW – miraculously within one week she was walking (with limp), urinating/defecating on her own,and continues to improve daily for the last 2 weeks. Her vet is stunned and in disbelief; he said it is miraculous…we agree!

Thank you, Constantina, for helping our baby in her healing process; if we had not found you she surely wouldn’t be with us at this time. Thank you…for helping us find a happy ending to Sophia’s story!

Shannon Fitz
500 RYT Certified Yoga Instructor-Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga
Fit Wall Vertical Training Owner/ Instructor
Special Olympics Stand Up Paddle Board Board Coach
303-656-6277   FitzYoga.com

I am truly Blessed & Grateful to have Constantina as my Mentor. She is a gifted Intuitive Healer who possess a Loving, Healing Energy that is a Very High Frequency/ Vibration. Constantina channels Divine Love to your Energy Field to assist you in healing yourself and I feel I have transformed exponentially for the better under her positive, loving, guiding influence.

I started w/a series of three “Bliss Massages” & nutritional supplements.
Now, I am so much better that I only need an occasional energy balance tune up.
I am still using a number of high quality supplements that she recomended & I feel Awesome!

In addition, my cat was near death. Constantina did energy therapy to stabilize him,
and recommended dietary changes and supplements. which gave me six more healthy months of quality time with my boy.

I could write a book on how Constantina has helped me to grow & expand as a woman, teacher & healer.

Constantina’s Loving & Healing Energy in person or distance, is authenticity powerful. She is a woman of integrity & incredible intuitive abilities. I would absolutely recommend her guidance to assist you or your pet.

Two hands making a heart shape around the sun.

Krzysztof Hamryszczak, DPT

Quantum Touch and Reiki experience:

I am a 37-year-old healthy guy. 5 years ago, I sustained a low back injury while playing basketball. I ended up with two bulging discs at L2 and L3 and a raptured disc at L4 according to my MRI report. I am about to graduate with a doctorate degree in physical therapy. With regular physical therapy for over a year, I was getting better, but never returned to my pre-injury state. I continued to have consistent mild pain in my low back and left hip region. I eat healthy, don’t drink alcohol and yet seemed to hit a roadblock with my rehabilitation. At this point, I started to research holistic options and I found Constantina. Within one session my pain was almost gone! She used quantum touch techniques and within this one session I could feel her hands becoming very hot. I could physically feel tingling sensations going through my body. After that one session I felt GREAT for 3 days straight with minimal pain. I barely slept yet was full of energy and felt happy! Since then, I’ve had more sessions and while my back pain, it is very minimal. Overall, I feel much better and have been able to significantly increase the intensity and duration of my physical activity. Thank you Constantina and quantum touch.

I also spent quite a bit of time researching different techniques, looking into spiritualty and after much consideration, decided to go with Constantina. There are so many different healing approaches and they all vary based on what are you are willing to explore. Constantina has an incredible amount of experience and has mastered all the techniques I was interested in, such as Reiki, Qi Gong and Quantum Touch. She will choose and combine different techniques for the best possible benefits of her clients. She is very compassionate, caring person, and easy to connect with. Within my first session, I felt things that are hard to describe or even comprehend especially for somebody like me who has purely believed in the advancements of modern medicine. Within that one session, my radiating pain was almost gone, and my muscular tightness went away. I felt very relaxed, both physically and mentally. It felt as though like some kind of invisible blockage was removed from inside. I felt full of energy to the point that I didn’t sleep much for the next 3 days and yet didn’t feel tired at all. Within a few more sessions, Constantina addressed my physical body together with my emotional challenges, which happed to be connected. She is very skilled in how to direct the conversation which felt very therapeutic. Constantina is also very knowledgeable of holistic options and recommended some very beneficial lifestyle changes. She never stops learning, striving to help on as many levels as possible. I highly recommend her services because she is an incredible human being!!!

Two hands making a heart shape around the sun.

Nicole Sterling
Salem, Massachusetts

Constantina came recommended to us and now we, unreservedly, recommend her. She helped our kitty to be more comfortable during his final days and has helped us, and our more newly adopted kitties, on all of our ongoing healing journeys. While we were skeptical at first, as sometimes you just don’t know who you can trust – she more than proved herself with her many gifts, knowledge and array of healing treatments. Many of these have helped us to obtain the positive physical and emotional changes we all lacked. While our healing has been a lifestyle change, we’re happy to say that we’re the healthiest we’ve ever been in our entire lives. I also have unending gratitude for Constantina’s kindness and compassion as well as her critique and direct communication. If you, your cat, or your dog are needing some healthy living advice or healing assistance – I highly recommend contacting Constantina. If this testimonial doesn’t suffice, then read the rest of her client’s testimonials, just like I did. I’m is my hope that this helps you find the healing you or your loved one needs as we all deserve to live a healthy and happy life!

Karen Bravo

Constantina was there for me and my baby Otis with patient and caring support, often late at night.We are so thankful for her knowledge and guidance. Her gentle and kind nature was really appreciated atthe most difficult of times. We were able to offer my baby the best and most appropriate food and supplements following his surgery. He really bounced back and we were able to give him more time.Through Constantina’s insight, I was able to better understand my baby’s concerns.It has made all the difference for me!

Kissimmee, FL

A close friend of mine died two years ago. By coincidence, I had a pre-arranged appointment with Constantina that morning. I remember feeling dizzy and disoriented. It’s hard to explain, but I didn’t feel right. Even though I had made the appointment to treat something that was going on with my body, this strange uneasy feeling had taken over me. I told Constantina about my friend who had just died. She explained that, as my friend and I were connected, her dying was also a part of me dying. Something like that!… How we are all one… Constantina did something to help my friend continue on her journey and to help me get back into my body. She grounded me until I finally felt like “me” again.

Candy Kraft

For six years my lab, Harley, was having a lot of congestion. I had been to holistic and conventional vets and none could figure out what was wrong with him. He was happy but very uncomfortable. He was prescribed conventional meds, homeopathics, herbs…you name it…we tried it. Nothing helped. Listening to him breathe at night frightened me as there was such a “congested” sound coming from him.

One afternoon Constantina stopped by to see me and my husband. She entered through the kitchen door where my husband, Harley and I greeted her. The very first words out of her mouth were “He (meaning my dog, Harley) says “help my heart.”

WOW!! We got in touch with a vet and told him Harley had heart problems. He was finally prescribed the correct meds and is doing just great. He is now 12 years old and has no congestion, looks great and has a ton of energy….thanks to the communication Constantina had with him.

Thank you, Constantina, for helping my beloved pet. I will forever be grateful to you and your amazing powers.

Candy Kraft

Hi Tina. I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome reading on my 17 year old Beagle, Luki. I was so worried because he is so stoic that I thought he would not let me see if he was in pain or ready to go. However, your reading proved to me that he is ok for now. I feel so much better about Luki since your reading, especially him saying he’ll let us know when he is ready for a new adventure. Makes me look at the “transition” so much differently and with so much relief for me. I know there is no death, but when they leave, it is so difficult – but now, when the time comes, I can picture in my head him hunting and loving his new life – all thanks to you, my very special friend.

Louis LoBalsamo M.D.

Last year while on a Vacation in Florida, I became ill with flu-like symptoms. Constantina came to our place to treat me. Besides her Energy work, she made herbal and other Holistic remedy recommendations that I used. I soon felt well and enjoyed the rest of my vacation. I would specifically recommend Constantina to anyone considering Holistic Treatments.


Hello, my name is Mary.

You must know that Constantina is a wonderful Energy Worker! When I had my Trigeminal Neuralgia which was causing extreme facial pain, I went to see her and after three visits my pain was completely gone.

Also, when my son’s cat required Surgery he remained in a coma and I called Constantina. She did Long Distance Healing and Tong Ren Therapy and the cat woke up immediately! I highly recommend Constantina to do any of your healing needs; the work she is able to do is amazing.

Winnie D.

I have known Constantina for several years and have always been impressed with her professionalism and energy healing knowledge and abilities. She used many different healing modalities during each of my healing sessions, with wonderful results. I was even introduced to a new guide during one of the sessions as she worked with me. I was so impressed with the healings I received, that I invited Constantina to do a presentation and demonstration of Quantum Touch and Tong Ren Healing for my monthly spiritual support group. I took her Level I Quantum Touch course and found her to be an excellent teacher. She is intuitively guided in her work with people and animals, and does very successful distance healings for animals as well as people. I definitely recommend her.


Constantina gave me hope and treatment for benign multiple sclerosis 14 years ago.Since then, she has helped me overcome intermittent bouts of anxiety and depression.And now, again she is giving me hope and treatment for a recently diagnosed small benign brain tumor.

Rev. Janine G. Batcho

When I first met Constantina I had severe pain in my back. I had so much heel pain after work there where days I could hardly walk to my vehicle. I would be leaving my job in tears just knowing I had to walk to my car to get home and would actually sit in my car for a few minutes crying before driving home I was in so much pain. The heel pain I later found out was from my back — 2 herniated discs and a bulging disc. The sciatic pain would go down both my legs and cause such pain I could not only hardly walk that good but could hardly sit.

During just the 5 minutes or so she was working on me with the Quantum Touch I was becoming so uncomfortable from the pain from my back shooting down my legs I told her I didn’t think I could stand there much longer. She told me just to breathe and hang on a few more minutes. I did… And when she was done it was the first time I could sit and actually be comfortable.

There were a few different days I was in an extreme amount of pain so bad I called her up because I was telling her I was going to go to the hospital to get a pain shot because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I’m against that kind of medication because it often does more damage than good, but I was at my limit with the pain I was in. Constantina did a Healing right over the phone and I could not believe the pain was gone.

To this day almost 2 years later I still think of that day and the other days I had and called her and received Healings over the phone with the Tong-Ren and Quantum Touch. I would recommend anyone to experience these types of Healings and see for yourself what a difference it can make in your life.

I have listened to her on Nutrition and taken her guidance in all areas of health and I have lost weight and can actually go for walks now. Thanks to her assistance and helping me learn to help and Love myself.

I still talk to Constantina and receive Healings from her and will always be grateful for what a wonderful Healer and friend she had become.

Thank You, Constantina, for all that you do, taking time away from your own personal days to help others in need. You are a true Blessing. Much Peace and Love to you.

Kim Fitzgerald
Angola, NY

I have known Constantina for about 8 years now. I first met her through a friend and went to see her for Reiki treatments. I fell in love with her instantly. She has that way about her. Not too long after that my husband needed surgery for his knee so I took her Reiki and Quantum Touch classes, to be better able to assist my husband’s recovery. I highly recommend her classes. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, and generously loving in teaching and giving energy healing. After my attunements my children wanted to learn as well and she had an awesome kids class for them to attend. They really enjoyed it . When she gives, she always goes above and beyond what would be the norm. I would highly recommend Constantina and her services for any adult or child. She absolutely is here to better this world and universe we live in one person and pet at a time. She has become a close friend and an invaluable source of information, LOVE and HEALING for me and my family on all levels. Tina has a way of bringing to our awareness that which we already know but have forgotten~ through her teachings, loving words, patience and understanding. Please do not hesitate to work with her I promise you will be so glad you did!!!!

Jillian Heltzel
Amherst, NY

I met Constantina almost three years ago. I was having back pain and a friend suggested I see her. I was unfamiliar with energy work and had no expectations as to whether or not it would yield any results. My first visit erased any and all skepticism and doubt to the ability of her healing touch. I found out the cause of my back pain, as well as other problems I had no idea existed! This session allowed me to not only be pain free, but deal with the other medical issues with my doctor, who could not figure out what was wrong. In addition, Constantina has assisted my family with a variety of different serious health concerns and given relief and comfort on a physical, mental and emotional level. Words can’t possibly describe the benefits and relief Constantina can provide to anyone whether it be in person or through long distance work. Constantina told me that within six months to one year of having energy work done, my life would change drastically in a myriad of ways. It was difficult to conceptualize what she was referring to at the time, but that one year later, I looked back and everything she said,was totally true. I am forever grateful to her for not only being a healer but a dear friend. I could say so much more but I fear I may wind up writing a book!

By Sylvia Nascimben – 5/23/2012
Williamsville, NY
Ph – (716) 901-1245

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” ~ My visit with Constantina

A blue flower is shown on the black background.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds – Constantina Vaseliades – Lifeforce Healing – Lifeforce Harmonious Healing for People and PetsI connected with Constantina in March 2012, after our dog Lucy, a 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd mix, disappeared from Machias, NY, a rural community in Western NY state. My husband and I were snow-birding in Florida and Lucy was staying with friends, Heather and Jason, while she was recovering from her second surgery to remove cancerous tumors. She was doing well as she continued her treatment including traditional and homeopathic treatments.

On that Wednesday night Lucy, Gunner a German Shepherd and Archer the cat were let outside. They were outside for about 20 minutes and when Heather stepped out to let them in, Gunner and Archer were there, but our Lucy was not. A search ensued with the help of neighbors, tractors and dogs. My good friends Kathy and Amy joined the search the next day and were there for me through the following days that turned into weeks. Heather’s property of almost 40 acres and the neighbors properties were searched. There were about 150 acres in all, including open fields, wet and wooded areas. The neighbors were canvassed, flyers posted and a lot of prayers were said.

One of my friends suggested I contact Constantina, a healer and animal communicator, who happened to be living in Florida, not far from where my husband and I were staying. I called Constantina, who spent a lot of time with me on the phone. She helped me to understand the process of animal communication and said she would talk to Lucy and let me know what she discovers. I took notes on our conversation and later read them over and over again, trying to take in all that she had conveyed. She talked of Lucy’s love for us and for David, our son who had rescued Lucy from the streets of Los Angeles. I received comfort in hearing that Lucy knew we loved and missed her very much.

A few days later, I received a message from Constantina with a lovely photo that she had taken at sunset on the sands at Madiera Beach after her meditation. As she looked at the photo it was striking as it displayed more than her eye had seen while taking the picture. She entitled it “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Constantina described what she saw in the photo:

“I was astounded to see the violet mass above the sun, with a rainbow including all the chakras around it. I enlarged it and although not clear there is a large white mass inside the violet mass and under the white mass, although you may not see it on your computer is a dark colored dog sitting. Looks as if the white mass is holding or carrying or supporting the dark dog. Beautiful!!! “

Even though I was searching for a concrete message to guide me to Lucy, Constantina’s message helped me to recognize that Lucy was being protected wherever she was. Through Constantina, Lucy described where she was, how she felt during the initial experience and how she was being cared for at that point.

During her conversation with Lucy, Constantina also saw another dog, a large grey dog, a Weimaraner, Dane or Greyhound. A month or so later, there was a story in the Buffalo News about a Great Dane named Lucy who had been turned in to the Buffalo SPCA and when scanned they discovered it was a dog stolen 4 years ago from Louisiana. Could that have been the other dog, Constantina had seen in her discussions? I think it probably was. She had called out for Lucy and connected with more than one Lucy. Lucy, the Great Dane was returned to her owner in Louisiana.

It is now, over 11 weeks since our dear Lucy disappeared. We do not have her back yet, but I hold on to hope that our Lucy, like the Great Dane, will be brought home to her family. We continue to search and to accept the support from people from all walks of life who are willing to walk this path with me.

Thank you, Constantina, for giving me the direction at the beginning of this journey.

Long Beach, CA

My name is Cristy and I recently sought out energy healing with Constantina in hopes to clear my energy field and provide a sense of love and freedom and gratitude within my body to aid in living a successful joyful existence.I found after just a few energy sessions I awoke with clarity, beauty, and hope.

I now feel a sense of oneness and unity with the universe that I have struggled my entire life thus far to achieve. My heart literally felt emerald green and full of love. The greatest gift of these healings is the absolute naturalness in the shifting and growing that has taken place and continues to change for me.

Truly beautiful and amazing experience, one I recommend everyone try at least once.


Virginia M.
Largo, FL

After living with severe pain in my left hip for about three months, and nothing I was doing was helping, I had one session with Constantina. During the session, I will still having a lot of pain and felt most uncomfortable at times, needing to move my left hip. However, when the session was over and I got off the table, I had no pain on getting up of off the table. Leaving and getting in my car, I realized I was totally pain-free. Now, three days later, I am still totally pain-free and with no restricted movements.

Francesca Kurnick
Buffalo, NY

The Adventures of Cosmo the Cat

A blue flower is shown on the black background.It was about 95 degrees on July 12th and I hadn’t yet installed air conditioners for the summer season already upon us. By late morning I noted uneaten (breakfast) food in Cosmo’s dish that was developing a brown, crusty appearance. So I refreshed the food but it remained untouched. Cosmo was also hanging out in the bath tub which was very unusual. By night fall Cosmo was drooling and his breath was stinky. His demeanor was also unusually passive and he looked feverish.

What to do? Call Constantina.

Based on Cosmo’s symptoms and intuitive guidance, Constantina recommended a regiment of F-3 Micro Algae, arnica (Heel Infection), Health Max Silver – a silver more energetically powerful than standard commercial silvers. Following our conversation, Constantina performed a distance energy healing session designed to speed up the healing process, eliminate pain and boost Cosmo’s immune system. Although Cosmo wanted to eat – he could not, so the medicines were gently syringed into the pocket of his cheek. But somehow, Cosmo was able to drink water from his bowl which seemed to keep him hydrated.

Saturday morning: I took him to a newly opened small animal hospital, but the vet (Dr. Heather Allen) who is trained in acupuncture and alternative veterinary medicine was still on vacation and we were assigned to her partner. To make a long story short, Cosmo who is usually an outgoing, friendly, extrovert turned into psycho kitty once in the examining room. This happens whenever he is in an examining room – regardless of which small animal hospital I have patronized. Even I have to wear leather gloves up to the elbow to handle him under these circumstances. But I was unaware that this particular clinic has a “no glove” policy. As was explained to me several days later, animals are at risk for injury at the hands of the vets when have to use restraints. Anyhow, they chased him around the room trying to restrain him with a large towel. The scene may have been comical any other time but it only served to further frighten and piss off my cat. This method was clearly ineffective so Cosmo growled, hissed and spat at the vet. But when he opened up his mouth – they got a glimpse of a large L-shaped rip on the left side of his tongue. They offered to gas him to subdue him but I said no and took him back home.

I continued with the micro algae, silver and arnica later adding an enzyme compound to the equation.

Constantina did an additional distance energy healing session on Cosmo. He began to eat small amounts of food over the weekend and finally stopped hanging out in the bath tub.

Monday Morning: I made an appointment with Dr. Allen and she agreed to do a home visit. I promised Cosmo would be very compliant and a gentleman in his own home. So I held Cosmo while Dr. Allen skillfully opened his mouth. Although his tongue still looked red and irritated, it had fused together and was healing nicely. Dr. Allen agreed that silver is the best antibiotic on the planet and gave me 2 thumbs up for his treatment plan.

I am delighted to report that Cosmo was fully recovered (normal eating, drinking, eliminating) by Wednesday morning. We continued with the healing medicines for 2 additional weeks.

Thank you, Constantina!

Buffalo, NY

I recently had the privilege to work with Constantina in the matter of my missing cat (Katya). She worked tirelessly with me in our effort to find my Katya. She was able to communicate effectively our thoughts to Katya and how we missed her and much we love her. She is one of the most talented animal communicators I have had the pleasure to work with. Katya came home safe and sound.

Buffalo, NY


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