We are all energy, connected to, and a part of the holographic universe of life force energy. It was my quest to heal myself, and because they called to me, to assist with the healing of the earth and her animals. One after another, I was guided to the form of energy work I needed at that time, and so named the combination of these works Advanced Energy Healing Therapy.

Each having its place at that moment, and a purpose toward remembering the knowledge of this energy, I felt a smooth transition of strength and trust in my connection to life’s “God Source” and my abilities to assist not only in the healing, but the teaching of other souls to remember as I had. Acquiring this knowledge, through my eyes, I then knew how all healing is possible.

All things are vibrational energy resonating at the frequency for that time and place, but open to change any moment by activating the choice of free will. These energy sources are the frequency of unconditional love and therefore all connect and use the same vibration. But each one is subtly different in that the emotional vibration it contributes is one hundred percent its own and yet still connected to all other energy of its source. We, I, and You, are ourselves, yet also a part of all things, hence, the outcome of the healing will be determined by the individual and how the energy is used. Entertaining and allowing the possibility that all things are a manifestation of our personal thought forms, this combination of Advanced Energy Healing assists in bringing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to a higher vibration or frequency of unconditional love. And in this state, if held long enough, the cellular emotional memory may be affected, and the ability to heal begins.

Advanced Energy Healing Therapies
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Advanced Energy Healing Therapies
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Advanced Energy Healing Therapies

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