whole healing healing and food based nutrition

Whole Health Nutrition


With the emphasis being complete and holistic balance, an extensive interview, intuitive listening and kinesiology are combined to create a balanced program best suited to each individual’s needs. For optimal health, a personal program may include lifestyle changes such as food healing recipes and whole health nutrients, gentle exercise, therapeutic massage, advanced energy therapies, homeopathy, flower remedies, flower essences, and holistic health workshops.

Food-Based Healing

The Food-Based Healing Program is a combination of energy therapy movement called Qigong, and an energy therapy whole food protocol called Food-Based Healing. By practicing Qigong the Metabolism (Qi) is accelerated, building energy and blood circulation, while increasing vigor each day. The lifeforce energy in food is equally important to sustain optimum health. When using a Blendtec 3HP blender and a 3 part combination of books, Conquering Any Disease, Smoothie Formulas and Cooking with Qi, this program, geared for long term success, takes Food-Healing to another level, addressing body imbalances, pH, advanced diseases and even cancers, creating a super high frequency of overall health and wellness.

whole health and food based healing

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